Site Maintenance

New TDSL website – updated 08/09/2021 19:30

The new website has a temporary home at

The website is a work in progress due to the limited time since the new league structure was agreed.

I expect to have the result submission form complete and published by the weekend (11/09).

Unlike the submission form on the old website, this version will dynamically update the league tables and averages.

I will publish further information on its use when it goes live.

Over the next few weeks, as time allows, I will add further pages and functionality.

Once it is fully complete I will transfer it to the usual domain.

John Yendall

Result Submission (08/09/2021 19:30)

I have now added the Result Submission page to the website.

The process is as follows – 

Select Match date, Division and the Match you want to enter the result for.

You now have the option to reverse the fixture should this be necessary. 

By selecting ‘Yes’ this will swap the contents of the player lists; Home players <-> Away players.

Once the reversed fixture result has been submitted the return match in

the second half of the season will be marked as reversed automatically.

Select each player from the drop down list. The cursor automatically jumps to the score field after

selecting a player, this should speed up data entry. It will not allow you to add the same player more than once.

You will see there is a ‘Low Score’ player should this be required. You can add a maximum of two of these.

Once you have entered the final score press the Tab or Enter key. This will calculate the score totals and

display these below the results along with the points awarded.

At the bottom of the form the ‘Submitted by’ field needs to be completed. Once this has

been done the ‘Submit Result’ button will display at the top of the form.

Clicking this button will submit the result. A warning will be displayed before this is carried out enabling

you to go back and check everything before you say OK!

Once the result has been submitted it cannot be changed (except by me).

League tables and averages are updated instantly.

Adding New Players

You will note a button with a pencil icon to the right of each player list. 

Click on this button to add a new player. On the form that pops up enter the new players 

first name and surname followed by your name from the ‘Registered by’ drop down list .

Once this has been done click on the ‘Register Player’ button.

This form will close and the new player will appear in the player list next to the pencil icon button you clicked earlier.


Hopefully that has covered everything so far. Any questions please contact me at

John Yendall






Covid-19 advice from Public Health England

Public Health England have advised us that the following precautions should be taken to

help protect our players and other members of the public – 

Players to sanitise their hands before each hand of balls

The balls to be wiped with a sanitised cloth after each hand

Players to wear face masks in the alley

Players to carry out a lateral flow test before each match

The committee would like to remind all players that they play in the

Tiverton & District Skittles League at their own risk.

Please can all team captains make their players aware of this guidance.


A further suggestion from the committee is that players play a double hand each turn, thereby reducing

the time spent cleaning hands and balls.


Notice for Division 2 captains – Bradninch Bowling Club will not be providing food

this  season and do not wish to have food at away matches.


A reminder that at the recently held General Meeting the captains were

told that all matches should start at 20:30 sharp.


I would like to wish everyone an enjoyable season and hopefully we will be able

to complete the season without further issues from Covid-19.


Roger Blackmore, Chairman