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League Update

As of 4th July the government are allowing pubs/clubs to reopen as long as they follow current social distancing guidance.

We think it sensible to review the possibility of restarting skittles at the end of July given that Covid 19 is still a threat to public health.

If there is no further spike in cases in our area at this time, we will contact captains to find out a) if your teams are willing to play, b) the pub or club at which you play is open and c) if that pub/club is willing to allow skittles to be played on their premises.

We still have the 2019/20 season to complete. Depending on the number of teams that can play, this will determine whether the season is completed, cancelled or if league results should be based on games played.

Many players in our teams either fall into the age group that makes them more vulnerable to Covid 19 or may have been shielding due to other health issues. Unfortunately there is currently no government guidance regarding indoor ball games, but we will have to ensure that players safety is paramount should it be decided to restart the league.

Should anyone wish to make comment on the above then please contact us on the following numbers – 

Nigel Manaton (League Secretary) – (01884)232967

Roger Blackmore (Chairman) – (01884)252169 or (07526)647456

We are in contact with the Sampford Peverell Skittles League, as a number of our players also play in that league. We are looking to liaise with them on the best way forward in restarting both of our leagues.

Please stay safe and well. Hopefully we will soon be able to play skittles once again.

Roger Blackmore, Chairman