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2017 10:15

Interactive Charts

Please check out the new ‘Interactive Charts’ feature.
Currently there are 

 two charts available -
Player and Team averages. Both charts show

 data held since the
2011-12 season and will be updated each week when

 the full results are
published. How are they interactive? Roll your 

mouse pointer over each data series to see the detail

and by clicking on an item in the graph legend, to the right
of the chart,  

you can hide/unhide portions of each data series. Further
charts will 

 be added in the coming

Result Submission

We have recently upgraded the Excel spreadsheet converter

software which we use to generate the TDSL web pages. Over the

few weeks this has allowed me to implement significant changes
to the

Result Submission Form. Live data including League & Cup

and registered players are now selectable from drop down

reducing both user data entry and the chances of errors.

John Yendall

Postponed Matches

All matches are up to date


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Results Submitted web page has been removed due to the fact

winning teams now submit the results and not the home team

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